Happy New Year from Rustic Deco!

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Happy New Year from Rustic Deco! - Rustic Deco B2B

Many more unique items to be added in January, especially for our DIY category.  Expect to see DIY chairs, hardwood slabs, hairpin legs, and many more iron and steel table bases. 

Happy New Year from Rustic Deco!

It's been almost two months since we launched our new e-commerce website (rusticdeco.com). I've come to realize that even with the massive amounts of learning that we did in the months leading up to the launch, there's still much to learn and lots of work to do. We're still making improvements to the website design and navigation, including our new enhanced search and filter application. Many thanks in all of you that gave input and ideas. Please keep them coming…

We launched the site with just over 250 products back in early November. (For some reason, we thought that was a lot.) Over the past seven weeks, we've been very busy finding and designing more products. As of today, we have over 700 items, and we plan to add another 300 in January. Keep a look out!

In January, we also plan to expand sales channels to include Amazon and 1stDibs. We've also taken to heart the feedback we've received over our policies. From that feedback, expect to see some significant changes to our return's program. The new policy with much more buyer friendly.

As a sneak peek, we will be vastly expanding our DIY product line. If you like to build your own custom dining tables and related furniture, you're going to love the new additions including chairs, hardwood slabs, hairpin legs, and many more iron and steel table bases. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!


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