Appearance Guidelines

We take pride in emphasizing the natural beauty and character of our hardwood products. These products may exhibit color, texture, grain and tone variations.  Additionally, imperfections such as cracks, knots, splits, minor warping and stains are expected with distressed and reclaimed wood. We do not try to hide these characteristics, since we believe they enhance beauty and uniqueness. You may notice color variation across a piece. The staining process brings out the natural characteristics of wood. Every piece of wood takes stain differently and these unique qualities are something to be celebrated.  

Minor wood movement (expansion and retraction) due to temperature and humidity changes is expected. Each piece is created in such a way to allow for this movement. Even so, there will be natural movement.  As such, cracks in wood surfaces may appear and disappear due to normal humidity and temperature changes.  Worn edges and uneven planks, dents, nicks are considered typical distressed characteristics and are not considered defects or damage.  At times, some natural defects may require filler, while others we leave to enhance the beauty and personality of the wood. 

Cast iron items are manufactured by pouring molten iron into cast. Cast iron products are then powder or clear coated and sometime intentionally distressed.

Many of our items are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind.  Given their uniqueness, the item you receive will differ slightly in color, tone and distressing when compared to the image shown on our website.  If you are concerned about variation, we can often provide images in advance of your purchase. 

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