Website UPDATE for week ending November 10th, 2018

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Website UPDATE for week ending November 10th, 2018 - Rustic Deco B2B

Website Updates New Products Added New Sales Channels Added Homepage Improvements

New Products Added

This week on the Rustic Deco website, we added over 80 top-quality (sophisticated yet fun) nickel and solid-brass office items such as desk clocks, desk lamps and bookends. These very solid high-quality items make great gifts and are perfect for the holidays or special occasions! Along with these unique pieces, we have added more than 40 modern industrial and mid-century modern furnishings, such as antique gold-tone metal cabinets, 1950’s-style (unique yet comfortable) leather lounge chairs plus variety of cog-round mirrors that can be interlocked to create one unique piece of wall art.

New Sales Channels Added

The Rustic Deco website has expanded to include new sales channels, including eBay, Instagram, BuzzFeed and Facebook. Over the next couple weeks, we will add products to each of these channels and offer special promotions for joining our mailing list. On eBay, we will be offering items in Home & Garden and Collectibles categories. For our Facebook followers, keep a look out for specials. Stay tuned for more!

Homepage Improvements

We’ve made significant edits to our homepage this week. The new Rustic Deco homepage layout will be published tonight. You’ll see a number of aesthetic improvements to the site, including better images and navigation plus new shopper-friendly links. We’ve also added three Featured Categories: The Urban Loft, The Man Cave, and The Cabin. Each of these categories aligns with special interests and caters to shoppers that want refined browsing.

Additionally, Rustic Deco has added some great new products to be included in The Man Cave. These items are of superior quality and just plain COOL! If you like solid brass decorations and steampunk, we’ve got them. Take a look! As for The Cabin, I can’t rave enough about the great new hand-crafted barrel art. These barrel furnishings are made from reclaimed – re-purposed – wine barrels from France. These items add a great country feel. As always, don’t be afraid to innovate and create your own decorating style… HAPPY shopping!

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