The design of the Harvester stems from the robust base elements observed in agriculture equipment introduced during the early 1900’s.  Heavy cast iron bases like the Harvester’s were used to support large grinders, cutters, and shellers of that period, which helped revolutionize the mass production of food products.

The sturdy cast-iron and steel construction of the Harvester industrial-style table base is a great starting point for a dining table, writing table, or desk. With a handy adjustable-height range of 11 inches, it's easy to crank this high-capacity table to the height you desire - dining, counter, or bar.  The brass-accented wheel and hardware add a touch of sophistication to the table that allows it to effortlessly become the centerpiece of a rustic luxury decorating theme.  Or if you prefer, our tabletop options in reclaimed weathered hardwood or metal give the table a more rugged vibe, allowing it to boldly integrate with rustic, farmhouse, and vintage industrial decorating styles.

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